…thoughts on and about my PhD journey and beyond…

Catch up blog #1

>>> 3 March, 2008: Began a 3 year full time PhD scholarship with RMIT’s School of Management. My research concerns identifying leadership literacies for the knowledge era and applying them to Higher Education in Australia. My supervisors are Assoc Prof Sandra Jones and Dr Peter Macauley.

>>> 20 June, 2008: Began to use social software as a way to share my research journey and and have subscribed to Twitter and Facebook .

>>> 5 August, 2008: Had my first sole authored refereed journal article published:

Davis, H. (2008) Golden Capital, Living Asset Stewardship and other kindred intangibles: Can we measure up? International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management,Vol 8, No 1, pp. 137-146. [view online] [download from publisher]

>>> 20 October, 2008: Successfully defended my proposal at a RMIT School of Management Confirmation Seminar.

>>> 25 October, 2008: Added LinkedIn to the social software.


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