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Vale Egon Guba (1924-2008)

My grapevine has proved slow in this case as I’ve just heard the news of Egon Guba’s passing in March.  Guba was a seminal author in the fields of evaluation and qualitative research, and a man fond of a good debate according to this tribute from Patti Lather:

I sometimes think “WWED”(What Would Egon Do?) …often unexpectedly, relishing a debate I might have thought to avoid.  Cliff Chase…the other “silverback” in the inquiry program at Indiana University in my doctoral days who Egon debated regarding the relative merits of qualitative versus quantitative research.  It was a well-advertised and attended show, conducted with warmth and wit on both sides, but a pointed model of how academic debate means something in what gets opened up in new movements of thought and practice. I can only hope that the debates around the uses of qualitative research in educational policy and practice with which so many of us are today engrossed can carry on such work.

The weight of his work and presence in the field has opened up opportunities that perhaps he himself did not fully imagine. Of his time and more than it too, modeling what it means to be trained in one way of doing inquiry, and moving, with great energy, into something quite different, he is both foundation and encouragement to go beyond (Lather, 2008, pp. 1370-71).

The December edition of Qualitative Inquiry (Vol 14 No 8 ) includes the following tributes from well known researchers:

In memory of: Egon Guba, 1924-2008

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1353

Remembering Egon

Elliot Eisner

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1354

Goodbye Egon Guba: A Letter to His Wife, Yvonna S. Lincoln

Susan Finley

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1355-1357

Dialogue With Egon

Corrine Glesne

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1358-1359

In Tribute to Egon Guba

Jennifer C. Greene

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1360-1365

A Reflection of Egon

Ernest R. House

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1366-1367

A Tribute to Egon Guba, PhD

Anton J. Kuzel

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1368-1369

Tribute: Egon Guba

Patti Lather

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1370-1371

Egon Guba

Peter Reason

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1372-1373

A Tribute to My Teacher

Thomas A. Schwandt

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1374-1376

Egon Guba, Gentleman and Scholar

Tom Skrtic

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1377

The Little Green Man

Louis M. Smith

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1378-1380

Missing Egon

Robert E. Stake

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1381

Egon Guba: Inspiration, Mentor, and Friend

Ernie Stringer

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1382-1383

Tribute to Egon Guba

Harry Wolcott

Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1384-1385

Egon Guba’s Conceptual Journey to Constructivist Evaluation: A Tribute

Daniel L. Stufflebeam
Qualitative Inquiry 2008;14 1386-1400



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  1. i find new perspective how to judge about reality


  2. Egon Guba who shaped my future trajectory from oversea! Rest in Peace…


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