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Leadership as a process…

If you could ask 4-6 questions to surface whether process leadership is practiced within an organisation, what would they be?

I’d really appreciate your input because this question is very pertinent to my PhD study.

I am about to set up my survey to test whether leadership literacies for the knowledge era are being practiced in higher education in Australia. (The word ‘literacies’ here is an umbrella term for the various ways to describe leadership, i.e. traits, competencies, capabilities, skills etc, etc and also to denote that the kinds of leadership strengths we need for the knowledge era are relational and embedded in the ‘whole self’ we bring to our work.)

I am interested in a ‘leadership as a process’ perspective, especially through a systems and ecological lens. I will be using an established instrument based on servant leadership because I’ve found that the themes in this instrument are almost by proxy what I’m interested in investigating (i’ll be adding a couple of themes like worldly leadership, learning metabolism and making thinking visible to the original list). However, this instrument asks these questions based on the respondent thinking about their leader (ie a specific person).

I have also taken the decision not to ask leaders directly about their leadership but rather use other ways to determine whether these leadership literacies are being practiced and/or theorised. The survey is concerned with investigating whether they are being practiced and I’ll be asking professional staff, who are underrepresented in the literature, about their observations and experience of higher education leadership.

I need to add 5 or 6 questions specifically about the respondents view of leadership as a process and I’d really appreciate your comments. Note, that I’ll be gauging the extent of distributed and self leadership in another part of the survey.



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