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Hi, my name is Heather Davis. I began this blog shortly after I began a PhD study ith the School of Management, RMIT, Australia, in 2008.

It was set up to share this journey—-musings, readings, aha moments etc.

As part of my study, I constructed a speculative typology called Worldly, Sustaining, Leadingful, Relational and Learningful Leadership Literacies to capture some of the significant leadership mindset shifts occuring in the Knowledge Era. These Leadership Literacies were then explored for theoretical resonance and for signs of observation and practice within Australian university leadership.

As a practice-led researcher I made a conscious effort to use web 2.0 and social media as a way of seeking feedback and disseminating information to my communities of practice throughout the study.

Click for Blogs and my publications emanating from this study.

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  1. I like what you’re doing Heather. I’d like to learn what you’ve found for leadership doctorate options in Australia and what you recommend for making them better, if need be. I’m searching for a program that supports (via faculty interests and research/taught course requirements) my research the arts/writing and leadership to health.


  2. Keep up the good effort, it is its own reward, and no one can take away the experiences you have garnered along the journey….


  3. Steven Coote said:

    Hi Heather,

    My name is Steven Coote and I am an EdD candidate at thew University of Sydney. My topic of study is “Neo-differentiated leadership approaches to relevance in the development of Knowledge Era PK-12 schools. Very interested in looking at your topic as well as a continuation of my focus years.

    Would be interested in communicating with you over these areas some time. Please feel free to contact me at steven.coote@stpauls.nsw.edu.au.




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