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Papers & Presentations

Here is a list of publications and presentations from my research  (as at April 2018).

Davis, H., & Graham, C. (2018). Navigating a career in tertiary education management in an era of unceasing transformation. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 40(2), pp. 97-106. doi:doi.org/10.1080/1360080X.2018.1428932.

Davis, H. (2018 in press). Connecting the dots for Professional Practice in Higher Education: Leadership, Energy Management and Motivation, in, Professional and Support Staff in Higher Education: Springer.

Davis, H., & Goedegebuure, L. (2017). Governance for sustainability in higher education. In D. Singh & C. Stückelberger (Eds.), Ethics in Higher Education: Values-driven Leaders for the Future.  Geneva: Globalethics.net, pp. 217-230.

Bolden, R., Jones, S., Davis, H.  & Gentle, P. (2015) Stimulus Paper: Developing and sustaining shared leadership in higher education. Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, London, September, pp. 1-47.

Brown, T. & Davis, H. (2015) Leadership Development in Increasingly Global AND Competitive Tertiary Education Environments. In I. R. Dobson & R. Sharma & M. Conway (Eds.), Tertiary Education Management Conference, Leading Locally, Competing Globally: Refereed Papers. Wollongong, ATEM & TEFMA, pp. 41-56.

Davis, H. (2015) Social complexity theory and sense seeking: unearthing leadership mindsets for unknowable and uncertain times, Emergence: Complexity & Organization, 17.1. https://journal.emergentpublications.com/article_tag/volume-17-issue-1/

Davis, H., & Goedegebuure, L. (2015). Building leadership capacity in Australian universities. University & College Management, 11(9), pp. 14-21.

Samad, A,, Reaburn, P., Davis, H. & Ahmed, E. (2015) Towards an understanding of the effect of leadership on employee wellbeing and organizational outcomes in Australian universities, The Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 49, No. 6, pp. 441-448, http://dx.doi.org/10.1353/jda.2015.0121.

Davis, H. & Jones, S. (Guest Editors) (2014) Special Issue of the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management:
The Work of Leadership in Tertiary Education Management, 36(4) pp. 367-370..

Davis, H. (2014) Towards Leadingful Leadership Literacies for Higher Education Management, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 36(4) pp. 371-382.

Davis H. & Moon J. (2013) Making room for new traditions: encouraging critical reflective professional practice for tertiary education management, in, Tertiary Education Management Conference, Trends, Traditions, Technology: Refereed Papers, pp. 23-33.

Davis, H (2012) Leadership literacies for professional staff in universities [PhD Thesis] School of Management, RMIT University.

Davis, H. (2012) Leadership as Energy Management:, Presentation at ATEM Bass Region Conference: Wellbeing: People and Places, Melbourne, 11 May.

Davis, H., Davies, J. Holzmer, D. & Harle, T. (2011) Panel Presentation: One Complex Planet, Many Emerging Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership in the 21st Century, International Leadership Association’s 13th annual conference: One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership, 26-29 October 2011, London, UK. [full Session and Presentations Abstracts]

Davis, H. (2011) Addressing complexity and uncertainty: Emerging leadership literacies for the knowledge era. Part of Panel Presentation: One Complex Planet, Many Emerging Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership in the 21st Century, International Leadership Association’s 13th annual conference: One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership, 26-29 October 2011, London, UK. [Vodcast]

Davis, H.  & Macauley, P. (2011) Taking library leadership personally, Australian Library Journal (Special Issue–Library leadership: Creating and sustaining a performance development culture), 60(1): pp. 41-53. [B]

Davis, H.  (2010) Other-Centredness as a leadership attribute: from ego to eco centricity, Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and Management, 4(1): pp. 43-52. [B]

Davis, H. (2010) Builders, Caretakers and Undertakers in Tertiary Education Management, Presentation at TEMC10: Future Directions, Melbourne, October. [transcript here]

Davis, H. (2010)  The sustainability zeitgeist as a GPS for Worldly Leadership within the discourse of globalisation. European Academy of Management 10th Annual Conference: Back to the future, EURAM, Rome. [full paper here]

Davis, H. (2009) Book Review: The Creative Workforce by Erica McWilliam. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 31(2): pp. 202 – 204. [B]

Davis, H. (2009) The creative class(room): distilling the literature at large to pursue creative space for educators. 14th International Conference on Thinking. Kuala Lumpur.

Davis, H. (2009) Troubling invisible barriers to better futures: surfacing the “five languages of war” in the workplace. 14th International Conference on Thinking. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ICOT-09.

Davis, H. (2008) Golden Capital, Living Asset Stewardship and other kindred intangibles: Can we measure up? International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management,Vol 8, No 1, pp. 137-146. [view online] [download from publisher] [C]

Davis, H. (2008). Investing in the Future: Renewing Australian Tertiary Education. ATEM Matters 32: 5, 28-30.

Other publications

Davis, H. (2008) Using a values framework to map and make sense of change. A plenary presentation for the ATEM Bass Region Conference, Melbourne, May

Nanschild, D. & Davis H.  (2007) The ‘V’ Factor:  Thinking about values as the epicentre of leadership, learning and life.  Refereed conference paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Thinking, Norrkoping, Sweden, June

Davis, H., Evans T. & Hickey, C. (2006) A knowledge economy landscape: implications for tertiary education and research training in Australia, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, Vol 28, No 3, pp 231-244 [B]

Davis, H. (2006) Golden capital and other knowledge-based intangibles: measuring for excellence not compliance, TEM International conference, Sydney, 28 August

Evans, T., Hickey, C., & Davis, H. (2005). Research issues arising from doctoral education at a distance. RIDE 2004: Research in Distance Education 6: selected refereed papers from the 2004 Research in Distance Education conference (pp. 120 – 131). Geelong: Deakin University.

Davis, H. (2003) General Knowledge: developing tertiary sector general staff for the knowledge economy, Independent Reading Study for Master of Professional Education and Training, December

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  1. Dear Mr Davis,
    Please consider to contribute to the new IGI Global book about social media in education: http://redir.ec/SocialMediaBook



  2. Thanks Peter,
    I don’t think these are ‘doctorate by publication’ worthy and I’m not ‘famous’ enough to do it that way.
    Although they are outputs they are actually inputs of my PhD thinking, and I am happy with that.


  3. Peter Chomley said:

    What a great list of publications. You should try for a “doctorate by publication” – have you thought of that?
    I enjoyed your posting on Inger’s blog too.
    Should meet 4 a Kaffee?


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