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Scholarly Impact Seminar with Prof Andrew Pettigrew

The duty of intellectuals in society is to make a difference (Sir Thomas More–shortly before his execution in 1535)

Had the pleasure of attending Andrew Pettigrew’s seminar today on “increasing the scholarly impact and policy impact of research” where he called on researchers to rise to the challenge of the ‘double hurdle’–that is addressing both scholarly quality and relevance in their work; and by reaching out and connecting with the ‘real world’.  His concern that academics are mostly ‘invisible’ within the academy and viewed with ‘indifference’ by practitioners in the field has led him to consider ‘impact’ (a final good) rather than ‘output’ (intermediate good) as a way to measure scholarly and policy impact.

He sits on a UK council that oversees their RAE process and that committee is encouraging measures of impact (exactly what has recently been taken out of the Australian equivalent).

Andrew’s work in this area advocates co-production with stakeholders as a means of scholarly impact, and this premise is similar to Andrew Van de Ven’s ideas around “Engaged Scholarship“.

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